There is a significant number of people of all ages suffering from epilepsy for which so far no drug has been discovered that can fully cure them. Only a few medicines are available that can just control the seizures.

Epilepsy is some kind of neurological problem where the patient may have seizures, which is due to sudden abnormal behavior of the brain. So far medical researchers have found that epilepsy is due to DNA mutations and as a result, nervous system response starts malfunctioning.

CBD: Online interest is peaking

Researchers have tried to use CBD for epilepsy patients and they have found the results were quite positive. You can always find any CBD store near me from where you can get any CBD product or you may also obtain them online through Just CBD Store, where you can get genuine stuff.

What are the various benefits of CBD for epilepsy patients?

The following are the few benefits seen by the medical researchers after using CBD which has created a sensation in the market and has made CBD so much a popular compound.

  1. Reduces seizures in dravet syndrome

During the year 2016, a sensation was created in the pharmacological industry, when CBD treatment succeeded in treating dravet syndrome which is a kind of epilepsy that generally occurs with 1 to 2 years old babies. CBD could reduce the occurrence of seizures to a significant extent.

  1. Reduces seizures in lennox-gastaut syndrome

This type of epilepsy is generally happening with a child of 3 to 5 years old. CBD oil was found to be working similar to other anti-epileptic medicines. Although the patients showed a few side effects the benefits were much more than side effects.

  1. Can reduce seizures in different forms of epilepsy

CBD oil could overcome the excitation by activating the inhibitory signal transmission. Experimental studies could find CBD oil can act on the major inhibitory neurons present in the brain.

  1. May reduce seizures even in drug-resistant epilepsies

A number of medical trials were conducted on young children who had a history of having drug-resistant epilepsy and it could eliminate spasm for 15% of the patients just after consuming CBD for 2 weeks.

  1. May improve quality of life

With a number of clinical studies, CBD was found to be improving the following:

  • Mood
  • Behavior
  • Alertness
  • Language
  • Awareness
  • Quality of sleep
  • Memory

Besides, all the above seizures were found to be considerably reduced and the quality of life of patients improved significantly.

  1. Can reduce anxiety

Most of the epileptic patients were found to have reduced anxiety than before as CBD oil could help in reducing their anxiety significantly. It can also counteract anxiety by triggering certain neuronal circuits of the epilepsy patients and help in reducing the burden of seizures.

  1. May offer relief from pain

Though the actual reason for pain may not be treated by CBD oil, however, by acting on the central nervous system, sufficient relief from high-intensity pain can be provided by CBD.

FDA has approved CBD for the treatment of epilepsy in 2018, after the ground-breaking clinical success obtained during the clinical trial in 2016.